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Compact Treatment Unit (CTU)

Slop Treatment

Nature Oil & Gas provides a wide
range of products to process
waste derived from drilling and
production in the Oil & Gas sector.

Nature´s way to
Cleaner Seas

We are an innovative group of people
and our specialty is the sloptreatment,
sludge and mud waste offshore utilizing
proven, reliable and environmentally
friendly technology.
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Nature Oil & Gas AS have the knowhow,
the right way of working and experience
required to deliver results!
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Nature’s Oil & Gas – Slop Treatment Products & Services

Nature Oil & Gas AS will provide your company with a pioneering solution to the problem of treating and removing oil-containing slop water offshore (slop meaning mud or dirty water). The company has developed a technology that allows the treatment of slop water
 on the site of operations, whether it is 
an offshore installation, a drilling or production ship or even an industrial facility onshore if need be.